Hosting a FB party is as easy as 1-2-3!

Hosting a FB party is as easy as 1-2-3!

Have you ever thought about hosting a Facebook party,

but are afraid it won’t be successful?

Have you tried in the past, but no one has ordered? If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, stop right there! It’s time we change your thinking!!! Partying on Facebook is the new craze! Why? Because it is simple! It’s fast, and dang it, it’s fun!!! What’s better then simple, fast and fun? You don’t have to clean your house, no cooking involved, and wearing a bra is optional!

Is it really that simple? The answer is YES! Here are three simple steps of hosting a successful Facebook party!

  1. Invite your friends to the Facebook event that I will create for you. This is where the fun begins! Be intentional with who you are inviting. You will not be inviting every gal on your friends list! You will select those who are interested in Thirty-One, who may already love the product (or a good deal), and those who are just downright fun friends! I will even provide you with a “script” to individually reach out to people. Easy, right!

  2. I will only be posting one time a day leading up to the event. Your friends don’t want to be spammed and bothered by notifications going off all day. One engaging post a day, that’s it! You will comment and share your excitement and enthusiasm, because it will be contagious. When your friends see you excited, they are more likely to get excited and to comment.

  3. The night of the party, you “show up” to the event, and again, share your excitement and enthusiasm by participating along with the posts. Guess what- during this half hour “live” event, I’m only posting 5 times. Again, simple and non spammy! Your friends will have the chance to win a prize, see some products live in action via video, and will be provided an EASY shopping experience unlike anything else. I do the ordering for them, they collect the deals, and you earn FREE product.

That’s it! Literally, as easy as 1-2-3! Interested in booking your own Facebook party? Let’s chat!