I Am Fearless.... And So Are You!


Have you ever wanted to do something, but were absolutely terrified? You are not alone! I have been wanting to jet ski since I moved to San Diego, but was so afraid! I figured I could probably handle sitting on the back with someone I trusted, but to do it myself… well… let’s just say that always ended in a disaster in my head.

I believe we live in a world where we are taught to always prepare for the worst. Some of us may spend more time preparing for the “what ifs” then we do actually living in the moment and enjoying life as it passes by. Do you remember the list of reasons I had created why I wouldn’t be able to Stand Up Paddle in a previous blog “Facing Our Fears through Stand Up Paddle Boarding”? I was overweight, out of shape, had arthritis in both my knees, from the east coast and had a fake hip were just a few of the ridiculous lies I told myself. I was convinced that I’d fall in, wouldn’t be able to get back on the board, and possibly lose Bluebelle. Even after facing my fears and finding a hobby I love, it doesn’t mean the cycle of negative thinking has ended.

I told myself the same kind of lies prior to going jet skiing. I wouldn’t know how to steer, I’d flip the jet ski, get sucked under, and get chopped up by the motor (yes, these were my honest thoughts). Sounds pretty ridiculous when I hear it outside of my head. That is the beauty of my Sanctuary Girl jewelry. Quick messages, at a glance, to speak life back into me and remind me of my truth, when my head is telling me lies. Like, “I Am Fearless” when I am otherwise feeling terrified.

I Am Fearless bracelet from  Sanctuary Girl

I Am Fearless bracelet from Sanctuary Girl

Luckily, I tackled my fear of jet skiing out on the open water with an amazing friend who continues to push me out of my comfort zone on the regular. I’ll never forget hearing her yell “Go Faster” over and over again until I finally just faced my fear and took off on the open waters! And, to no surprise, the experience was completely exhilarating! To say I had fun is an understatement!

I am Fearless And So Are You. Loved by Blue

If you are local to San Diego, or in town visiting, and want to go Jet Skiing, I highly recommend San Diego Bay Adventures! We had a seamless rental experience from check in to check out. They offer safety and operating instructions, a place to store your belongings, a waterproof case to put your phone in, life jacket, restrooms, and a great souvenir photo! Everything you could possibly need is included in the rental. Location is everything, and renting from here you can enjoy the San Diego Bay and sights including the USS Midway, the kissing statue, downtown skyline and the Coronado Bridge.

Souvenir Photo from  San Diego Bay Adventures

Souvenir Photo from San Diego Bay Adventures

Today, and everyday, I challenge you to do the things you’ve been wanting to do. Today is a gift and tomorrow is not promised. Life is short. You can face your fears now and enjoy life in the moment; or you can look back with regrets on all of the things you wish you would have done. Some of the best decisions are scary. Some of the most fun moments in life are terrifying. Grab a friend to hold you accountable, to push you further than you’d ever push yourself. Enjoy the ride. Now, what are you waiting for…. get out there and live it up girl!

Life is short, enjoy the ride!